Major General Hugh G. Robinson Presidential Aide’s Council

Economic Security and Welfare
I.Establish Metropolitan Jobs Councils in All Major Urban Areas of Plan, Coordinate, and Implement Local Programs to Increase Jobs
II.Create Rural Jobs Task Force to Develop and Coordinate A Comprehensive Program of Economic Assistance
III.Develop a Comprehensive Human Resource Program to Set Goals, to Measure Progress, and to Structure the Action Undertaken “To Fulfill These Rights”
IV.Develop Government Financed Employment Programs on Public Works and Services to Guarantee the Availability of Jobs to Able Workers Who Cannot be Placed In, or Promptly Trained For, Regular Employment
V.Mount Comprehensive Year-round Employment, Training, and Counseling Programs for Youth
VI.Affirmative Actions by Private Employers, Labor Organizations, and Governments to Provide More and Better Jobs
VII.Initiate and Reinforce Supportive Services to Facilitate Movement into Jobs
VIII.Strengthen Income Maintenance and Labor Standards Program
IX.Restructure Public Assistance and Related Welfare Programs
I.Equalizing Educational Investment
II.Reduction of Racial Concentration
III.Quality Education for All
I.Freedom of Choice – The Open Market
II.Housing Supply for Low and Moderate Income Families
III.Suburban Communications and New Towns
IV.Revitalizing and Integrating the Ghetto
Administration of Justice
I.Protection From Intimidation
II.Equal Justice
III.Improvement of Police-Community Relations